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  • This water purifier comes with effective RO purification accuracy and
  • 5 different stages of purification to ensure that
  • the water you drink is free of harmful compounds that may affect your health
  • Smart App Connectivity-
  • You can connect this water purifier to the Mi Home app using
  • your Wi-Fi connection to enjoy its benefits


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This Mi water purifier is here to make sure that you and your loved ones drink clean and healthy water. This appliance ensures that water passes through 5 stages of purification to eliminate chemicals, residual chlorine, bacteria, and other compounds that can impact health. It also ensures that you get to track the water quality, the life of the filter, and the status of sterilization as well.

safe and clean water turns out that most of us take for granted, due to the ease of access, while 71% of the world’s population which is around 5.3 billion people do get safe drinking water as and when needed on the premises globally at least 2 billion people get their drinking water from a source that is contaminated with feces and contaminated water causes around half a million deaths each year, and even diseases such as cholera typhoid Sentry and polio.

I myself wasn’t aware of these facts until recently, I happen to a genetic documentary of Bill Gates, and as opposed to combat and eradicate polio, as well as improve the drinking water and sanitation in areas of Africa in particular. So the World Health Organisation says that by 2025 half of the world’s being in water-scarce areas and it also means that we’ll have to find different methods in order to actually get potable water. So that means that something such as a water purifier that was considered more of a luxury.

item in the past has become more of a necessity now. Now people don’t get mi water purifiers for two main reasons I would say one is the service costs. So, each time you call a person into your home they actually charge around 502,000 depending on which purifier that you get in order to just check your purifier itself to see where they need replacement and stuff like that. And number two is the difficulty in replacing those filters and also the cost of those filters.

So, while the cost is more or less the same across the board the difficulty in replacing them is one main reason, and you have to call a service guy, no matter what you can’t actually replace it on your own. And as a result, you have to actually pay extra to that service person in order to get the filters replaced. Now show me what a purifier has a solution to this. So number one, it comes with three different filters. There’s a PPC filter, an auto filter, and a PAC filter.

So all these three filters can be changed as easily as a twist and lock mechanism so all you have to do is basically make use of the button with switch. You know, and select whether you want to replace each of the filters individually or you have to replace all three. And you can just replace them as needed, and it takes less than 30 seconds to replace all the factors put together.

So this means that you don’t necessarily have to go and person wait for them to come to your home wait for them to service it to clean it and do everything you can actually do everything yourself, it’s a lot of DIY here. And even the cost is kept minimum because of this.

a new set of filters and of course it does not mean that you have to change all three at once, based on the input level of water the sort of usage that you have, you may need to change one or two or three. You know filters at one time and as a result, you’re also keeping costs, at a minimum, normally when the service people come they kind of change altogether and charging you more than what you actually need to pay for.

So, the other issue also with the purifiers I’ve seen in the past is that they don’t really look good or they don’t fit well in your homes. Now me water purifier looks great, I would say it’s a very minimalistic design it kind of goes along with the rest of me home ecosystem products and meat purifier, etc. It’s a bite look clean look. Of course, being white, it does tend to kind of attract dirt.

And that’s one of the issues that I had with it, where there were some marks that happened over time now I’ve been using it for around two to three weeks, I guess, and while you can clean most of it off because it has a matte body it’s kind of bit difficult to clean some of the marks off unless you put a bit, a little bit of elbow grease into it. I would have appreciated a glossy body for the same thing as it would be easier to clean,

but it’s still a very small thing that I don’t think most people will even notice. Now mi water purifier can kind of clean anything or water with an input TDs of below 2000. Now in my particular home, I’m getting around 156. I don’t want 50, they’re off in terms of the input TDs, and we can bring it down to, you know, 10% of the original thing so if you have 1000 TDs input which some areas of India have

I believe around, Delhi and NCR the water is around thousand TDs which is way too high, considering that who states that anything below 100 TDs is actually fine and fit to be drunk directly, but anything above that is generally better to purify and drink. So, a thousand is insane but you can bring it down to around 100 which is again portable and drinkable. Now, we light. So this basically has a seven-liter tank at the top,

and there’s a UV light within that as well as a tedious, sort of, a detector which is what you use to detect the TDs levels of the output water. Using the Me Home app so this me What beautiful things in the Mi Home app. And you can actually monitor the levels of how much water you have consumed on a particular day week or month. You can also see the filter life, what percentage it is at 93% is what my filters are currently all the filters. And you can also see the output tedious and input tedious.

Though UV light is something that comes on. So as and when the water is being filled up the UV light comes on and every two hours it again lights up in order to filter the water and make it purer. So what Xiaomi says is that water when left stagnant can also become impure. So if you leave the water there say for a few days. For example, it kind of gets stagnant and becomes bad so every few hours, it kind of turns on the UV again just to make sure that it’s that much safer and cleaner to drink.

Now, in terms of the wastage of water, of course, being a purifier you won’t get a perfect hundred percent drinkable water directly there will be some wastage happening, which in my opinion, in this case, seemed to be a bit more than the elbow purifier I had. So I didn’t really like that five but in my home we kind of reuse the water that’s again being generated outside so whatever wastewater comes we collected into cans or whatever sources that we have and we use it for cleaning or for something else which basically we would need water again for so we’re trying to minimize the wastage of water by saving it

and using it for something else. So that is something I believe they can fix but what Xiaomi says is like close to 50%, which is also what LG claims so I feel it’s a tiny bit more maybe 5% or 10% increase over what LG claims. In terms of the actual wastage of water, but as long as you try and reuse it

I think you should be good and I like the quality of water that comes with it, you can use two methods of actually filling bottles or glasses it’s currently only what you said the wall-mounted design is our tabletop design which is why you don’t get the kind of stand to keep bottles or, you know, glasses that, but you can actually press and hold it in order to fill it or you cannot go for a free-flowing method by lifting it the other way. And the water, sort of fall out is actually

no chrome sort of finish and you actually have a small sport, it looks like a really big sport but the opening is actually smaller than what it might suggest but in terms of the filling rate. I generally don’t like to wait too much when actually filling of water but I noticed that when I was using my LG purifier I had to wait around 10 to 20% longer in terms of time compared to the new purifier. So in terms of rate. So the fire was much faster.

So, overall, the mi water purifier is something that I really liked and the benefits of this in terms of the cost of maintaining it in terms of the ease of replacing filters and also keeping track of your water usage. So initially the first few days that I got it, I was surprisingly shocked to see that we were using less amount of water than expected. You know I’m not sure what exactly caused it.

But then, that sort of puts a thought process in your mind to consciously drink more water So water is something that you need to be drinking. In order to drink well in order to keep yourself hydrated and healthy so we weren’t drinking enough water. So we consciously made an effort to drink more water. And this app helps keep track of that as well and roughly right now 93% is our filter level so while I can’t guarantee that everyone will have the same filter spam. By the time we hit say 5% or so and seeing how many liters were consumed in that time,

we would know the rough lifespan of the, you know, of the filter. So based on the input tedious, it can vary for us 156 is not too bad, while it is still about who held standards, it still isn’t too bad. And I’ve seen areas where it’s as high as thousand as well on the internet, people have been talking about that as well.

But overall, in terms of the cost at level nine, the mean what have you, I have what I feel is the better out there. The Smart functionality is one thing that’s lacking in many purifiers and this has that I bought an LG purifier prior to this which I don’t like at all, but it came in only one single colorway which is a flower pattern on it, so I kind of hate it, and although I have a closed cabinet.

Every time I open it I kind of cringe at it but this looks beautiful and fits right in. The other thing being the cost of service and spares servicing and, you know, repeating filters having done by you. So I would suggest if you’re looking for a mi water purifier that gives you clean drinking water while keeping costs, at a minimum, and also making it easy to use and also get some statistics about your watering habits, I think there is no alternative to the mean mi water purifier on the amazon.

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